1. The next generation

  2. Have a day everybody.

  3. Simon, MInna and Alex in Black and White on:
    Volt 7b+ish
    Jumkil, Uppsala.

  4. Good times.

  5. Epic attempt on Houdini assis by @eliastullberg back in the days.
    …and yes, that is @dave_graham_ “spotting” in the background.
    Good times.

  6. Piloten - Fantastisk resa Robert.
    Bra jobbat!
    Klart du ska få åka första klass hem.

    Robert - Åh, men inte hade in behövt. Tack Herr Pilot.


  7. Yeh, who doesn’t?

  8. Having a hard time getting tired of this sunset.

  9. Life is good.

  10. Life is good.